Greyson Chance | Ellen | Singer

Kaotica Life @ 2019-02-04 22:48:22 -0700

By Greyson being able to spend more time on the road, he’s built a staggering and faithful fan base, encompassing nearly 97 million-plus cumulative views. His major label debut came out in 2011 with his most recent single “Afterlife”. He started small in Oklahoma and reached success by keeping it real, working hard and never limiting himself to his own knowledge. Learning from others and most important being humble with fans pushed him over the top.

Greyson Chance records in hotels, tour buses and, when he gets the opportunity to at home. His success comes from capturing the pure vocal whenever his is inspired. The Kaotica Eyeball gives Greyson the ability to record outside of the studio but maintain the same acoustical quality. By simply placing the Eyeball on your vocal mic you can transform your space into an acoustically treated one with the same consistency while you travel.

Traditionally, you’d rig up foam on the walls or soundproof the room with blankets. Whether you rent or own, you don’t necessarily want to be putting holes in the walls. Even if you are committed to foaming everything up, it may not enhance the acoustics, unless you’re an acoustician. At Kaotica, we firmly believe that you shouldn’t have to think about the room you’re recording in. Instead, you should concentrate on your performance.